Easy-on-Your-Body Gardening Tips

Hello Friends!!

Are you excited Spring is here…. Soon it’s going to be time for gardening. I can’t wait for those beautiful daffodils and tulips!

Who would think gardening could be hard on our bodies? Gardening involves a lot of bending, sustained kneeling, sustained squatting and sometimes some awkward positions such as reaching to prune a bush.

So here I am sharing some ‘Easy-on-Your-Body’ Gardening tips.

1. Back Stretches are very important, do these 5-10 times each before gardening, in between gardening activities and after gardening. Do it slowly. Stop if you feel pain.

2. Do gardening only for 20-30 minutes at a time. Take frequent breaks to stand up, stretch every 5 minutes.

3. Sit on a step stool, if you need to be near the ground, as for weeding, planting. If you prefer kneeling, place knees on a foam pad, get in the crawling position, use one hand for gardening work and the other for supporting body weight. Switch hands often.

4. Most of all have fun !!

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