Why Physical Therapy Makes All the Difference in Your Rehab

The goal of physical therapy is to help you recover after an injury, illness, or surgery, so you can get back to living your best life. Physical therapy can help you regain mobility, independence, and improve your balance, among other things. If you suffered a work injury, car accident, sports injury, or you need to recover from a chronic condition, physical therapy can make a difference in your rehabilitation.

Here at Logos Physical Therapy in Perth Amboy & Somerville, NJ, our caring team of board-certified orthopedic specialists and physical therapists can help you get back on your feet after an injury or a painful condition, such as arthritis, by incorporating the most effective, evidence-based techniques and exercises into your customized rehab program.

Depending on your needs, we use several modalities of physical therapy to focus on specific conditions. Within each of these types of therapies are several tools and activities that our physical therapists use and tailor to your exact needs. These include a variety of exercises, patient education, and several types of hands-on care.

Physical therapy makes your rehab easier

Getting yourself back up to full health after an injury or surgery can be challenging, but physical therapy makes the process more manageable for several reasons.

Reduce and manage pain more effectively

After an injury or surgery, you’re likely to be in pain, or you may have even experienced severe pain. Your orthopedic specialist identifies the underlying cause of your pain and finds ways to take the pressure off those areas, relieving you of discomfort.

Reduce pain medications

It’s common after surgery or an injury to need prescription medications to help manage your pain, but these medications can quickly become addictive. Physical therapy decreases your level of pain, therefore reducing your need for pain medications and your risk of addiction.

Get moving sooner

Unmanageable pain makes you tired and hardly motivates you to keep moving as your body heals. In addition to helping you manage your pain, physical therapy also allows you to get moving sooner by focusing on small accomplishments. You work with your physical therapist to establish manageable goals so you’re motivated to achieve milestones in your recovery.

And, if you’re working toward returning to your favorite sport, we develop a plan to help you get back in the game safely and fully healed.

Prevent future injuries

Getting back to your favorite activities or sports is certainly an incentive to recover, but you also want to take steps to prevent the same injury or a different one from happening in the future.

Your orthopedic specialist at Logos Physical Therapy develops a treatment plan that allows you to work toward your goals safely and in a way that helps protect you and prevent reinjury.

Physical therapy may be an alternative to surgery

Whenever you can avoid surgery for a chronic musculoskeletal condition or after a serious injury, physical therapy may be able to help you do so. We recommend exercises and therapies that focus on strengthening the part of your body that needs rehabilitation.

Strengthening a weak or injured joint through physical therapy, for example, may allow your body to heal and prevent the need for surgery. And, if it turns out you do need surgery, the time and effort you spend in physical therapy will help you to be stronger post-surgery, potentially reducing your recovery time and the need for pain medications.

After a serious injury or major surgery, you need some time to heal before you can get back to all the activities you enjoy or simply navigate through your day with ease. Physical therapy supports you in this process, allowing you to work toward full movement and rehabilitation in an optimal way.

If you live in Perth Amboy & Somerville, NJ, or the surrounding communities, call us at 908-264-5412 or book an appointment online today.

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